40001263_0Yael Bentor, Meir Shahar (eds.). Chinese and Tibetan Esoteric Buddhism. Brill, 2017. (450 pages, ISBN 978-90-04-34049-7)

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“Bringing together leading authorities in the fields of Chinese and Tibetan Studies alike, Chinese and Tibetan Esoteric Buddhism engages cutting-edge research on the fertile tradition of Esoteric Buddhism (also known as Tantric Buddhism). This state of the art volume unfolds the sweeping impact of esoteric Buddhism on Tibetan and Chinese cultures, and the movement’s role in forging distinct political, ethnical, and religious identities across Asia at large.

Deciphering the oftentimes bewildering richness of esoteric Buddhism, this broadly conceived work exposes the common ground it shares with other Buddhist schools, as well as its intersection with non-Buddhist faiths. As such, the book is a major contribution to the study of Asian religions and cultures.”

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