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Happy new year to all of you!

As you may (or may not) know, I work part-time as a librarian, and as such I regularly hold newly published books in my hands and always have an eye out on the most interesting new releases. Last year I started collecting bibliographic data on those newly released titles which caught my most curious attention and then published a related list at the end of the year thus making this information widely available.

So now it’s time for another list of 2015, and it features 40 pages and 90 academic monographs in a variety of disciplines with full bibliographic information as well as links to publishers, Google Books, and Worldcat.

You can find it on the page “Free Content” or download it directly here.


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coverBobish, Greg, Trudi Jacobson (eds.): The Information Literacy User’s Guide: An Open, Online Textbook. Open SUNY Textbooks, 2014.

Publisher description | Fulltext: pdf epub

As students, researchers, and practitioners we find ourselves today in an information-infused and technology-rich environment. This guide on critical concepts of information literacy will …

make navigating today’s complex information ecosystem much more manageable.

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Compassion: Bridging Practice and ScienceTania Singer, Matthias Bolz (ed.) 2013. Compassion: Bridging Practice and Science. [= Mitgefühl: In Alltag und Forschung.] Munich: Max Planck Society. (e-book, 531 p. ISBN 978-3-9815612-0-3)

Website: eng | ger

Fulltext: eng | ger 

iPad, online, epub, kindle and pdf versions are available


Summary: “Almost everything there is to know about compassion in a multimedia eBook!

What is the difference between empathy and compassion? Is it possible to train compassion? Can it be measured? How useful is compassion training in schools, clinical settings, and end-of-life care? Can the brain be transformed through mental training? Read the rest of this entry »