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Dear readers,

You can now find all my collected theoretical works in one place – my recently relaunched homepage. Here’s the link:

Enjoy the read!

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In cases you missed it on the Free Content page, I did recently publish another list of new releases for last year. This  makes it the third consecutive year in which I have provided this service – free of charge, baby!  🙂

(Please see below for an introduction to the 2016 collection and download links to all the lists of 2014 to 2016)


[From ‘Introduction,’ p. 3:] “On the following 27 pages, you will find a selection of 63 monographs published this year [2016] on various topics pertaining to the contemporary study and practice of religious, spiritual and contemplative traditions in their diverse cultural, historical and contemporary settings. The majority of these are academic studies which cover a whole range of disciplines from the humanities and science, however a number of contemporary contemplative writings and some practical literature on mindfulness is also included.

The monographs are grouped according to their respective disciplines or subjects and entries feature core bibliographic information as well as the publisher link, followed by a short descriptive text freely taken from the publisher.

As usual, the list is exhaustive neither in content nor format – many more books could easily have been added and the selection is currently restricted to monographs and thus does not cover other available formats of published academic information such as periodical articles and thesis or dissertations. Please note that I cannot guarantee complete accuracy of the bibliographic information provided.

If you would like to share this document, you are welcome to do so freely by sharing this link. And if you find it fun or helpful, then you will also want to have a look at the collections I put together for the years 2014 and 2015.”


Dear readers,

After an extended hiatus, conditioned in part by a 12-month leave of absence for further education from my library position and a conincidental clinical internship at the Oxford Mindfulness Centre, this blog will now continue to inform you about what’s fresh and what’s hot in the academic study of contemplative traditions and related fields – at least according to my own taste and interests.

Part of my reason for continuing to publish here is the fact that I have now returned to my position at the South Asian, Tibetan and Buddhist Studies library and thus newly published materials continue to fall into my hands, some of which is definitely worth sharing and spreading; and besides this more narrow historical-philological context, my passion for applied and interdisciplinary topics – such as mindfulness research, yoga studies, transpersonal psychology and consciousness studies – continues unabatedly, and I can’t help but notice that a lot of good stuff is published here and there in various forms, but that nobody is doing the job to pull it all together for you. So, here I go again…

May it be of benefit to you – or just fun and exciting! 😉