9782855391533-usKiss, Csaba (transl.). 2015. The Brahmayāmalatantra or Picumata. Volume II. The Religious Observances and Sexual Rituals of the Tantric Practitioner: Chapters 3, 21, and 45. A critical edition and annotated translation. Pondichéry: Institut Français de Pondichéry (373 pages, ISBN 978-81-8470-207-1, 978-2-85539-153-3)


“The Brahmayāmalatantra (aka Picumata) is probably one of the earliest surviving Śaiva tantras, and possibly the earliest one known to us of the Bhairavatantra tradition. The present volume contains a critical edition and annotated translation of three of its chapters: one on the central maṇḍala of the cult, one on preliminary religious observances (vrata) prescribed for all practitioners (sādhaka), and one on instructions for each individual category of sādhaka — instructions on transgressive sexual rituals for the Tālaka, on strict rules of conduct for the chaste Carubhojin, and on a combination of these for the Mixed Practitioner.

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