All of my collected theoretical works are now available open-access through my personal website:

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Panel Presentation at the International Transpersonal Conference Prague 2017

Here’s the text and slides of my 10-minute presentation “Critical Reflections on Mindfulness-based Interventions” for a panel on “Inner Ecology: Collective and Transcultural Perspectives to Transpersonal Psychology” in the context of ITC Prague 2017.

New Releases in Contemplative Studies 2016

This year’s list of new releases covers 63 monographs on 23 pages. Click here to download the document and browse what’s new in the academic study of religious, spiritual and contemplative traditions.


New Releases in Contemplative Studies 2015

I have compiled here another list of the most relevant new releases that caught my attention in 2015. It features 40 pages which cover 90 academic monographs in a variety of disciplines from Buddhist Studies to Transpersonal Psychology together with full bibliographic information as well as links to publishers, Google Books, and Worldcat. You can download it here.


In return you are invited to contribute to an essential education project I am fundraising for on Indiegogo. In the future I would be interested in defining more specific contemporary research areas to monitor and to expand the search to include periodical articles and theses and dissertations as well. Get in touch with me if you would like to help and/or collaborate in this ongoing project.

Guest Lecture: “Scholarly Explorations of the Theories of Consciousness in the Buddhist Tradition”

Here‘s the slides of my guest lecture at the Vienna Academy of Consciousness Studies lecture series, entitled “Perspectives on the Study of Consiousness,” on October 20, 2015 – in this case in German, of course … (aka “Bewusstseinskonzepte der Buddhistischen Traditionen und deren wissenschaftliche Erforschung”). After a historical introduction on the reception and scholarly study  of Buddhism in the West, I situate Buddhist theories of consciousness in the historical development of Buddhism in India, and then conclude with some recent scientific research in Contemplative Studies which may shed new light on consciousness in both Buddhism and Science. 
ABF Vortrag final 1-2 blog

Keynote Address: Feeding the Soul, First Transpersonal Festival, Milano 2015

I was recently invited to give a very short opening keynote address for the first transpersonal festival, “Feeding the Soul” (Milano, June 18-21) in the context of the opening ceremony’s youth circle. The keynote touches upon some of the issues that we face as we strive to grow up and wake up in this globalized and digital world, and it also addresses some of the challenges involved in our current relationship to contemplative traditions and practices. You can read the full piece here, and as always your feedback is much appreciated.

FTS Cover

New Releases in Contemplative Science 2014

Here’s a little something for you: a 30-page list of 90 of the most relevant academic new releases of 2014 in the interdisciplinary field of Contemplative Studies, arranged with brief bibliographic info, publisher links, and short descriptions in thematic groups that span from Cultural, Historical, and Religious Studies, to Contemporary Buddhism, Mindfulness, the Sciences, Translations, Philosophy and Yoga Studies.

My plan last year when I started aggregating relevant new releases was to write a blog-posts on every singe book, but … oh, well! 🙂 I then figured that at least I could collect the information in a neat list, publish it online, and make it accessible in that form. So whatever your specific interest may be, here you go: Download

combine_images2I’m curious about any of your thoughts on this. How do you benefit from such a service that lists relevant new releases? What items on the list seem most interesting or relevant to you and for what reason? What are your thoughts on the subjects used to arrange and delineate the groups and what areas of research would you like to see added to such a list in the future? Finally: What are your strategies for dealing with the ever-increasing flow of available information on your favorite subjects?

If you have anything you’d like to see added (the list is by no means exhaustive), please let me know and I’ll consider revising the list based on your feedback. I’d also be happy to receive your suggestions for current and upcoming new releases in the year 2015!

Presentations, Posters, and Papers presented at ISCS 2014

Here I’ve aggregated all of the openly available presentations, posters, and papers presented at the International Symposium on Contemplative Studies 2014 in Boston. The symposium was accompanied by an app (what a neat idea) that among other things allowed presenters to upload their materials. I browsed the list of presenters, downloaded all available materials, and renamed the files to indicate presentation type and subject: Link

ISCS2014 GoogleDrive

The materials features a total of 46 presentations, 40 posters, and 22 papers (143 mb). I believe it speaks for the great richness and variety of disciplines and subjects in Contemplative Science, and it neatly complements the video material of the conference available on YouTube.