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Meditation for the Digital Age [] is being crafted by two millennials who have been practicing and teaching meditation for their entire adult lives (Vincent and Emilly Horn, founders of The Buddhist Geeks). They’ve developed an in-depth online course to introduce people to five styles of meditation.

This program is designed for the digital age and it represents their synthesis of Buddhist meditation and secular mindfulness techniques. The five styles of meditation include:

  1. Concentration: strengthening the muscle of attention
  2. Mindfulness: noticing what you notice as you notice it
  3. Heartfulness: inclining the mind toward opening the heart
  4. Inquiry: using the power of questions to open up new vistas
  5. Awareness: simply being with what is

What do you think? Sounds cool, no? If you like, you can also check out the Buddhist Geeks podcast archive which features much additional and innovative information on issues involved in contemporary Buddhist practice.

Apropos the Buddhist Geeks Conference. You can read an scholarly analysis on the Buddhist Geeks network right here in this research article recently published in the Journal of Global Buddhism:

Gleig, Ann. From Buddhist Hippies to Buddhist Geeks: The Emergence of Buddhist Postmodernism?  In: Journal of Global Buddhism 15 (2014): 15-33. [Fulltext] Read the rest of this entry »

Buddhist Geeks conference 2014 (2)

Today marks the start of the annual Buddhist Geeks Conference. Make sure to catch the livestream here.

Buddhist Geeks Conference: Exploring the Convergence of Buddhism, Technology, and Global Culture. October 16-19, Boulder, Colorado. [Link]

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Description: “The Buddhist Geeks Conference is one of the only events on the planet where you can participate at the intersection of Buddhism, technology, and global culture. The conference brings together preeminent leaders in the fields of Buddhism, Technology, Philosophy, Education, Business, Science, Politics, and more, to explore Buddhism in the 21st century. … Read the rest of this entry »