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Apropos. I just ran a quick search on critical studies of Ken Wilber’s work. This monograph contains a whole chapter on ‘Integral or Muscular Spirituality?’:

Gelfer, Joseph. Numen, Old Men: Contemporary Masculine Spiritualities and the Problem of Patriarchy. London: Equinox Publishers, 2009. (224 p., ISBN 9781845534189) [Author website]

Chapter five features: An Introduction to Wilber’s Integral Theory — Ken Wilber and the Problem of Masculine and Feminine — Ken Wilber and the Problem of Patriarchy — Wilber’s Masculinist Style — Wilber’s Muscular Spirituality — A Further Take on Wilberian Masculinism (p. 143-180).

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9780834829572Wilber, Ken. 2014. The Fourth Turning: Imagining the Evolution of an Integral Buddhism. Shambhala Publications.  (120 p. preview ed. ISBN 9780834829572) [Release date in early 2015]

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“What might the Buddhism of the future look like? With all that we have learned in the modern and postmodern world, how can Buddhists be true to the central teachings of the tradition while also including them in a new framework that is inclusive of ongoing discoveries? Read the rest of this entry »