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51PvUCzEQnL.jpgWendy Hasenkamp, Janna White (eds.). The Monastery and the Microscope: Conversations with the Dalai Lama on Mind, Mindfulness, and the Nature of Reality. Yale University Press, 2017. (400 pages, ISBN 978-0300218084)

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“In 2013, during a historic six-day meeting at a Tibetan monastery in southern India, the Dalai Lama gathered with leading scientists, philosophers, and monks for in-depth discussions on the nature of reality, consciousness, and the human mind. This eye-opening book presents a record of those spirited and wide-ranging dialogues, featuring contributions from prominent scholars like Richard Davidson, Matthieu Ricard, Tania Singer, and Arthur Zajonc as they address such questions as: Does nature have a nature? Do you need a brain to be conscious? Can we change our minds and brains through meditation?

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Mind and Life International Symposium for Contemplative Studies. October 30 – November 2, 2014. Boston, MA.

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“The International Symposium for Contemplative Studies [ISCS] seeks to encourage and help shape a cohesive interdisciplinary field of contemplative studies in which basic and applied science, scholarship, education, the arts, and contemplative traditions collaboratively develop an integrated way of knowing.” [Organizer]

I’ve come all the way from Vienna to attend this event. And just reading the 120-page program and about all the different topics covered in this symposium blows my mind! No wonder, this year’s edition of the ISCS features more than 100 concurrent sessions and 200 posters, next to a number of keynote addresses and master lectures.

Even if you’re unable to attend, you can get a glimpse on what’s going on by following the tweets about #iscs2014 hashtag on Twitter. And here’s a couple of short clips by some of the keynote speakers. Oh, and you can watch ten keynotes and lectures of the first ISCS (Denver, 2012) here.

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